Recreation Management

For more than 30 years, PPL has been providing the benefits of contracted staffing and recreation management. PPL Group began as a contract staff company for commercial pools. Since that time we have grown this division and expanded to stay ahead of changing dynamics of this industry. As the clear leader in managing condominium and private recreation facilities, PPL has developed a strong management structure that provides constant communication between our site staff, management and the necessary executive to ensure facility programs and usage are being maximized.

Invite PPL Group at the design stage of your next project and have us review your facility plan to ensure it is properly designed for staffing and programming. Many times a minor change in the design of a facility creates large efficiencies down the road.

Contracting the operation, staffing and programming of your facility will not only save you the time and frustration of dealing with multiple trades, suppliers and authorities, but will also eliminate the expense and liability of recruiting, training, scheduling, and the payroll administration of staff.

Additional benefits include (but are not excluded to):

  • Facility access control, supervision and security. All staff are trained in First Aid
  • Fixed costs... no budget overruns
  • Guaranteed staff with backup emergency replacements
  • Consistent PPL management quality control visits
  • The benefit and comfort of having the best paid, trained, and supervised staff in the industry
  • All pool and spa maintenance duties including: backwashing, water testing, vacuuming, and scum line cleaning are completed by our staff
  • Extended equipment life from proper preventative maintenance programs
  • Your management / administrative staff, now freed of the responsibiliites of the pool / recreation centre, can be either downsized, or directed to concentrate their efforts on other areas
  • Increased insurance coverage and reduced liability exposure

Examples of the Wide Range of Programming PPL offers:

If you can think of it and find a group who are interested... we can offer it!