Outdoor Pool Lifeguarding

PPL began its operations in 1970 as a small lifeguarding company servicing apartment pools, and has since grown exponentially to seasonly operates over 100 pools including many condominiums / townhouses / apartments & hotels across the GTA. Despite PPL's growth into many other facets of pool and spa operation, our outdoor pool operation remains the cornerstone of PPL, and we have maintained the small company personal touch.

Benefits of PPL Lifeguards at your pool include but are not limited to:

All PPL lifeguards are CPR, First Aid, and NLS trained and will therefore ensure the safety of all patrons in and around the water

  • Fixed costs... no extra chemical or staffing charges... no running over budget
  • Guaranteed staff with backup replacements
  • Our staff are able to provide swim lessons and aquafit classes
  • Consistent quality control visits from an area supervisor
  • The best trained, supervised staff in the industry
  • All maintenance duties including backwashing, water testing, vacuuming, scum line cleaning and more are completed by our trained staff
  • Increased insurance coverage and reduced liability exposure

Our lifeguards are regarded as the industry's best.

PPL has the strictest hiring policies in the industry. All staff receive extensive training on company and client policies and procedures as well as facility maintenance, WHMIS, chemical adjusting, filtration, and rescue and first aid procedures.

Area managers visit each site several times each week to provide further training, check that the facility is being operated to our strict standards, and ensure that strong employee and customer relations are maintained.

For more information on our outdoor pool operations or for a quote contact Tim Bown - Vice President, Fitness and Staffing: tbown@pplgroup.com