Pool Operator Training

We are now offering our BPO Course online. Click here to begin your course today!

This course is designed especially for Hotel's, Condo's, Aprtments. Health Clubs and other facilities that have a "B" class pool. This course provides an introduction to the Ontario Health Regulations and code requirements for your pool and will provide the basics in Testing, filtration systems, water problems and the proper response as well as the Terminology used for Pool/Spas. The course also informs participants of the latest developments in water purification, pool controls and other technology.

An excellent one day course held at our corporate training centre in Mississauga.

Training Seminar includes: information binder, lunch and breaks, certificate of Completion.

Ontario Regulation 428/05 made under the HEALTH PROTECTION & PROMOTION ACT states that 3.(1) Every owner shall designate an operator 

3.(2) Every operator shall be trained in public spa operation and water maintenance, filtration systems, water chemistry and all relevant safety and emergancy procedures.

We offer several BPO courses throughout 2020-2021:

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Course Location: 5170A Timberlea Blvd., Mississauga, ON

Course Cost: $140.00/per person + HST

Course Time: 9:00am-3:00pm

Certified Pool Operators

We offer several Certified Pool Operators Courses (CPO) throughout the year for everyone involved in aquatics. This training will provide liability management, valuable insights on efficiency, code compliance, and reduced downtime. The CPO course is recognized by the Ontario Health Department.

Attendees will quickly see their aquatic facility water more inviting, clearer, cleaner and healthier. Equipment and systems will last longer. Chemical costs will be reduced, and attendance will improve.


May 5-6 2021 (Cancelled)

June 3-4 2021

September 29-30

Course Location: Online

Course Cost: $465.00/per person + HST

Course Time: N/A