Saunas & Steamrooms

PPL Aquatic, Fitness & Spa Group Inc. have been building and installing sauna's and steam rooms for over 30 years and have a wealth of experience on the proper design, operation and renovation of any of these amenities. These amenities are an excellent way to add value to your club and create a "spa" environment that will satisfy your members, guests or users.

Products supplied by PPL Group include:


Steam Rooms

For a complete guide on how to construct your steam room, call PPL Group and ask for our construction department. PPL has designed, built and refurbished numerous steam rooms. Through proper design and allocation of responsibilities to specialists, such as tilers etc, your steam room will be a cost effective room. PPL Group provide a wide variety of Steam Generators to suite every project  and after ensuring the design is right, space has been allocated, PPL can supply or supply and install the right generators and accessories to ensure you are code compliant and there is enough steam.

Steam Bath Generators

Renovation Services

If you have an existing sauna or steam room that needs repair, PPL have been constructing saunas since 1970 and are equipped and experienced in proper renovation and upgrading your spa amenities. Many times these amenities are left too long and become a liability and a distraction. PPL will provide an onsite visit and a list of recommendations to improve your spa amenity and ensure it meets code and is operating at peak efficiency.


  1. The interior wood on the walls, ceiling and benches dries out with time. This results in a potentially dangerous situation where benches can collapse or cause splinters, wall or ceilings or benches can catch fire 
  2. With time, the underlying insulation and vapour barrier will either sag or become moisture laden, resulting in higher heating costs.
  3. Old sauna odours minimize sauna use and enjoyment.
  4. Older saunas do not usually comform to modern safety standards and could be a liability.