Hot Tubs

Concrete Hot Tubs

Concrete Hot Tubs are a perfect way to deliver a customized design or unique features that will make your facility stand out. Where a customized hot tub is required the same construction methods used for building a concrete pool are used except the finish is generally tile. All concrete hot tubs built by PPL have our high standard of quality that ensures they are built to last and the designs are signed off and confirmed to meet building codes. 

Commercial Acrylic Hot Tub

Manufactured from ultra thick one-piece acrylic, these fiberglass reinforced hot tubs are designed to withstand the demands of heavily used commercial installations, yet are less expensive than conventional concrete models. Commercial Acrylic Hot Tubs are designed and manufactured to meet Municipal and Provincial Building Codes and Health & Safety guidelines for a commercial facility. Heavy Duty residential Hot tubs will not suffice.

With the unique self-cleaning bottom floor cleaner, wide mouth skimmer and automatic water level controller, maintenance and cleaning are virtually effortless. Multiple safety suction fittings provide maximum circulation and safety. Commercial Acrylic Hot Tubs are designed to meet the guidlines for a commercial facility and a quite different than residential hot tubs, including heavy duty residential.  

HydroTher are the worlds leading manufacturer of Commercial Acrylic Hot Tubs and Swim spas and are located in Mississauga Ontario. PPL Group are the exclusive distributors for HydroTher in the GTA and have won over 15 design awards in a variety of categories using HydroTher Hot Tubs or Swimspas.  The following are the models available that meet Ontario Health and Safety Guidelines:

Commercial Hot Tubs





Commercial Swimspas

AquaTrainer 14'

AquaTrainer 17'

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